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Chronic Viral Hepatitis Registry

Objectives of the Registry


  • To obtain risk factor and demographic information about persons with chronic hepatitis B or C viral infection (HBV or HCV) in San Francisco
  • To inform persons with chronic hepatitis B (HBV) or hepatitis C (HCV) about how to prevent transmission of the disease to others



Funding is provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Division of Viral Hepatitis.

Registry Data



Case Definitions



Data Sources- Role of Clinical Laboratories

Regulations making certain positive HCV tests laboratory-reportable to the local health department were enacted in June, 2007.  Laboratories are now required by the CA Code of Regulations, Title 17 Section 2505 to report positive results of both HBV and HCV tests to the San Francisco Department of Public Health. In addition to test results, labs are required to report patient identifiers (e.g. name, DOB, gender, medical record no.) and provider identifiers (e.g. name, facility).


The San Francisco Department of Public Health reviews the test reports, organizes them by person in an electronic database, and removes duplicates.  CDC criteria are applied to test results used to identify persons with chronic viral hepatitis.


Data Sources- Role of San Francisco Health Care Providers

When San Francisco residents meet CDC criteria for chronic HBV or HCV, the San Francisco Department of Public Health contacts the provider for information unavailable from laboratory reports alone. 


A simple, one-page data collection form is sent to the health care provider who ordered the most recent positive HBV or HCV test.  The data collection form asks about hepatitis risk factors, demographics, and other patient attributes. Providers complete the form and return it by fax to (415) 554-2878 at the SF Dept Public Health.  SFDPH maintains the confidentiality of all patient data.


Providers are required by the CA Code of Regulations, Title 17 Section 2500 to report cases of viral hepatitis, including chronic HBV and HCV, to SFDPH.  See instructions for reporting.

Data Sources- Role of San Francisco Residents

From 2007-2009 SFDPH completed telephone interviews with SF residents with chronic hepatitis B identified via the registry database.  Information was gathered about household and intimate contacts at risk for HBV acquisition and about practices used to prevent disease transmission.  Interviewers provided educational information to patients about preventing HBV spread and about monitoring for liver disease and liver cancer.  Written materials were mailed to interviewees at the close of the interview to reinforce the preventive care messages.  Interviews of SF residents with chronic hepatitis C will begin in 2010.



Project Team


  • Melissa Sanchez, PhD MA - Project Director
  • Sue Shallow, MPH - Lead Project Epidemiologist
  • Sandra Huang, MD - Director, Communicable Disease Control Unit
  • Amy Nishimura, MPH - Project Coordinator
  • Martina Li - Surveillance Assistant
  • Rachel Arrington - Surveillance Assistant
  • David Stier, MD - Medical Epidemiologist


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  • Contact Melissa Sanchez, PhD MA, Project Director.  Tel: (415) 554-2830 Email:
  • Project Fax Line (415) 554-2878
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